Dating single dads with kids

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but things seemed to go south fairly quickly when I mentioned that I have two children.

I’m sure it wasn’t merely the fact that I have kids that did it, though.

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One of the major factors that has held me back from looking for a new partner is how surprisingly anxious I am about the whole process.

I live by myself, I work from home – really, the only time I go out is to pick up or drop off the kids, and one night a week when I have to head off to university to teach.That sort of hermit lifestyle isn’t unusual for divorced dads.The shrinking social circle that comes with having children is often exacerbated by a break up – she got the house and the friends, you got a second-hand Ford Falcon and a rented apartment that looks like it was furnished by a pack of drunk students.I’ve spent the past few months thinking pretty hard about this, and I came to a fairly obvious conclusion: I was overthinking all of this, and I needed to shift my focus.That’s not to say that I wouldn’t love to meet someone – but I’ve made a conscious decision that it’s not really a priority any more.

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