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Perhaps adopting a combination of the following often tried and tested suggestions, may assist recovery and encourage keeping in a state of mind which generates a feeling of well being.Each individual can take from these leads, what he or she feels comfortable with.Through much negative publicity, prostate cancer is often linked to incontinence and impotency and many men become so concerned about this that they may delay or even refuse treatment.There can be erection problems during or after cancer treatments but medical procedures are improving all the time and some of these problems may be only temporary.Hugging more often is a great comfort to most humans, especially in times of trouble and although men automatically tend to focus inwards when stressed, a couple should be aware that turning away can become a habit and should try to do more of the opposite.It is time to think about maintaining the relationship and this is so much easier to do if they stay close physically. It also often means much to a man if his partner takes a great interest in everything that happens.

It helps if every small improvement is shared and celebrated.Given enough basic detail to follow, they will not have to, and after reading this, may hopefully be able to make better progress and enjoy life more. Affection and staying close: Not everyone is interested in sex, and prostate cancer generally presents in older men when sex drive varies considerably depending on many health and personal factors.However, couples who consciously work to become more affectionate towards each other and face the problems together, seem to have greater success towards leading a happier life. Not everyone is good at it but it is a must and with practice and determination, one can learn to talk and express emotions and fears to a partner.Single men, who find a close friend or experienced counsellor to talk to about their experience, often find that after a few months, they can continue dating and enjoying themselves with the knowledge and the confidence of being able to operate sexually, if they wish to.Many women, especially after about 50, and if post menopausal and in a long term relationship, truly enjoy affection and attention - sex too, but having less sex is easily compensated for, providing they receive more focus from their partner and small but frequent acts which demonstrate that he still cares.

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Talk to people you may know who have had this experience and read whatever you can about it.

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