Dating someone in a wheelchair

They are just as capable as you are, so be sensitive to that.Don’t waste each others’ time If you aren’t comfortable with other people showing an interest in your date, then don’t bother.Most people who use mobility devices strive to be independent.If you assume they aren’t, you are belittling their accomplishments.

People tend to be uncomfortable with whatever is different, writes Tiffiny Carlson in the Huffington Post article, "10 Things to Never Say to a Person in a Wheelchair." Uncertainty as to how to act around a person in a wheelchair may cause some people to refuse to make eye contact, attempt to avoid the man or the couple or to speak over the man's head as if he is not there, says Rick Chillot in his article, "Do I Make You Uncomfortable? The woman should prepare for the stares and remarks that people who are not sensitized to being with people who have disabilities might make.Although she may prefer it, her date may not be able to walk her to her door at the end of the date or to stop by her place for a nightcap, if her house is not wheelchair accessible.Latoya Newman is a novelist who wrote and published her first novel in 2012. Unless we ask, please don't suddenly start pushing us. Have a good long think before you start dating someone who's in a wheelchair because of a genetic reason. Plenty of wheelchair users take parts in sports adapted for them such as horse riding, basketball, tennis. But keep the 'it's a miracle, you've been cured' joke to yourself. Whether that's competitive wheelchair dancing, or just raving in our chair. We know that you mean well, but if you accidently hit someone or something, the embarrassment is all on us. Turning round and saying that in the long run you can't be with someone with genetic defects but hey lets' still date and have 'fun', is not going to go down well. There's nothing more mortifying than having your wheels stuck in a door frame. Especially if we are in an older model wheelchair which has no seatbelt. If we have asked/trusted you to push us, don't ruin it by letting go down a slope; you may find it entertaining but we will get blisters trying to regain control.

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