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There is no one strategy to navigate these uncharted waters.Dating sites offer tons of advice as to the Dos and Don'ts--but few talk about how to customize your search so that you can leap frog over...frogs. You may notice you are talking too much, unresponsive or a tad anxious.If you enjoy an edgy personality that might let some colorful expletives fly to make their point, then you may want to take that 2 x 4 out your butt before setting the tone of your conversation.Remember, it's fairly easy to get stuck in PC mode--.Ironically, those who look like all their ducks are neatly lined up are often the most deprived of warm and fuzzy affirmations. The shortest distance between two points is a straight line in geometric terms. Savvy daters will know you are going down your checklist. It's best to learn how to frame open-ended questions such as: Do you have much time to travel?

Dating feels awkward and time consuming for the purposeful mature dater.Finding your prince/princess is a deeply personal exploration that requires that you be focused and simultaneously exceptionally self-aware. You must develop the ability to observe your interaction with the audience or in this case your date. This all sounds a bit clinical; but some refining of your "interview" techniques will save time and improve your power of discernment.So once you have thoroughly checked the pics--read...However,the mature dater has taken a serious look at the state of their personal lives and knows that a proactive mind set is required.Achieving goals, obtaining the accouterments of success and slaying all the dragons that life throws at you can never take the place of intimacy with someone who sees you in your fullness.

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