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And I love my stubborn, jealous, and sometimes frustrating Turkish man.

Many days I see the man I hopelessly fell in love with.

No, not all of them praised Turkish men, but many did. ) Here is a selection of readers’ mails and tweets. The most hostile one on Twitter was from Nick A.: “Turkish columnists somehow manage the impossible – to write worse than Canadian ones.” He also asked his followers to “Prepare to laugh/cry/vomit...” because he did all three.

He explained why my column was “the most popular” during the weekend as “it’s like a car accident.

of her and her Turkish fiancé’s relationship: “I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into by dating him. I was also head over heels for him, incandescently and hopelessly in love with him.But when it comes to a love relationship they are the worst lovers on earth.1) Comparing to Turkish women, they are less strong.There are great Turkish men out there who are well-educated, open-minded and respective.However, because of the senseless majority, they get labelled too.

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