Dating websites and self esteem

But I was never good at speaking to women in person, never good at flirting, of putting my head above the parapet.

Fear of rejection stifled me often; words failed me almost always.

It can be hard not to take the process personally, but there can be many reasons someone decides not to take things further.

‘Ghosting’ – where someone you’re in contact with or dating breaks off communication without notice – can be a blow.

For the bruised among us, the confused, often unforgiving world of the dating app is an engagement with life itself, another roll of the dice, a refusal to give in to the limits of one’s brittle self-regard.

Indeed, Tinder continued to pair me with people I didn’t suit and who didn’t suit me. In time, I came to realize this was the world now: romance in LCD form; a confused, head-scratching sea of open-ended questions and frequent disappointment. It was better to keep going., remembered how easily one could read into the vast silence of digital space and believe each swipe right would inevitably be seen and met with a dismissive left, to conclude that a date that went badly was a date failed.But while this behaviour is unpleasant, you’re not alone.One dating site reported 78% of people aged between 18-33 have been ghosted.While there are no official statistics, it’s believed that around 4.5 million Australians use online or app dating each year, according to Relationships Australia.Dating app Tinder boasts 15% of the Australian population as users – making it the second-most preferred way to meet a new partner (the first being introduced by friends or family).

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As time passed, I learned to avert my eyes and stare at my feet, disengaging from the dating world entirely, convinced the modern method wasn’t for me.

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