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Besides, a healthy child would not even let his or her parents do so, but would protest from a very early age on. I can,’ they will say, even if that’s only half true.

On the other hand, as parents you provide your children with a safe environment to discover their independence, with certain boundaries and storing dangerous stuff out of their reach.

Moreover, I believe God sees us as those adults more than as helpless two year olds.

If you’ve grown up, there’s no reason to assume God still sees you that way.

And people do this with success every day – just read the success stories at Christian Connection!

Part of developing into a healthy adult is learning how to fail and move on again after making the wrong decisions. Too often in church we’re told to ‘just pray and wait’ on God for things to change in our lives, specifically when it comes to finding a partner. Just like making friends is a process you can pray to God about but you understand that it also takes an effort on your part of going to a running club, a church evening or a pub for that matter, finding a partner is a process that requires both God’s input and your activity.On the other hand there space for us to make our own choices.I’m Dutch, so allow me compare it to riding a bicycle.To what extent do we make our own choices regardless whether or not God is happy with those choices?Can he work with them nonetheless, does he make most of our flawed decision making or has he even calculated those decisions in when planning our lives?

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