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Luckily for us, raising our family in Kenya met both of those goals.

Both of us were kind of freaking out because we’d quickly become accustomed to well-established infrastructure and services in Europe.I remember waking up for one of Claire’s night feedings, and realizing there were thousands of ants crawling all over my feet and up my legs!On being a multi-racial family: Even though mixed-race couples in Kenya aren’t as rare as they used to be, people are surprised to see a Kenyan man married to a white American woman. Usually it’s just curiosity, but it can be unpleasant.(Somehow I expected to dislike this tradition, thinking I’d feel a lack of personal identity, but I found I adored it from day one.) On superstitions and sayings: Many Kenyans I’ve met semi-believe in superstitions or enjoy repeating the quirky wisdom of proverbs.For example, in some tribes it’s considered bad luck to talk a lot about an unborn child, because it can leave the baby vulnerable to bad spirits.

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Claire is really tall, and my mother-in-law looked at her one day and said, in Kikuyu, “Mwana ndaigirirwo ihiga!

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