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Sanvri asks that she left by her own choice, does she want them to go and take her feet to come back. Bhawna says that Akshit and Arpita will stay somewhere at Jaipur and she will have to think about something to make up Suket’s mood. They set to leave, Raj and Avni turns around again and again to see each other. And one day he will bring them home by himself, Avni thinks and love also. They both are reluctant to talk and ask what each ate. He says he wants to ask her that will she go on a date with him. They come to Bhawna, Avni asks her to chose a chit. His client opened a new restaurant and invited them. Bhawna goes to tell Sanvri wondering how he decided to go out.Avni asks that she wants to know what the reason of their leaving was. They recalls how they met and all the they spent together. They both each other calling, look back and runs towards one another. Raj laughs saying they are talking about such silly things. Suket thinks that they must all know that he know Akshit and Arpita are here.When all are so perfect for each other, then why are all poles apart. Avni says that they cant punish them for a life time. She says that right now she is just saying what she has learned. The police catches Raj, he apologizes and gives the lady’d bag to her apologizing. Akshit says into the mike that Arpita I am sorry, please don’t go. Raj says that he wont let their first date ruined and they will go there anyway. He asks the owner is there any reservations as A Khandelwal. Avni asks the waiter the same question and imagines Raj holding her hand there. He says that either you can let what’s happening and keep regretting for a lifetime; or stop her and tell her the truth, stay happy with her for a lifetime. Every mother is the same when it comes to children; today she wants to see what her mother does today for her family. The car stops in halfway, Akshit says he forgot to get it fueled in hurry. I was afraid and I didn’t want you to suffer because of me, but you know I love you. Sanvri asks what she is doing there; she comes and sits there but still imagine herself and Raj there on the table. Raj texts her to smile, she says that their first date got cancelled. He meets him in the corridor; she pinches him to make sure he is really there. Bauji asks her to rethink, she says one only learn from her mistake.Avni stops her and begs her not to go but she leaves. Arpita leaves the home, as Avni comes out with her asking her to leave.

Raj tells Akshit that Arpita is leaving because she loves you, but the one she loves doesn’t care for her. She says no, but she had just hadn’t just worn this dress; she also was thinking to go out somewhere with the family.Arpita says that if it was so, he must have been here. She takes the call and says that papa I know that the flight is at 7, she is just coming.Arpita hugs her while Avni keeps on crying not to go.Forgiving is the greatest, and you took the right decision. Akshit is broken; he thinks Arpita can’t go leaving her. Three times a year, Father Pedro Opeka celebrates Mass in a vast grey quarry in the hills above Madagascar's capital.

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