Dating your college roommate

Will they leave the dreaded sticky notes or will they tell you?

Know each other’s communication styles so you don’t get more upset when the situation could be avoided.

If you are an introvert you may expect to be in the room alone quite a bit and if your roommate is an extrovert there may always be people in your room, depriving you of your alone time.

Even if you are both introverts there can be issues when wanting alone time. The last thing you want is no time to the room by yourself, so setting up a schedule for times to be alone in the room is a must.

Will they allow partying, drinking, or drugs in the room?

Some of these things may be intolerable for them or you, make sure you set rules on what you will or won’t have in the room.

But you definitely don’t want a roommate that says they’re going to be clean and then after a few weeks realize that you can’t even see their side of the room and you have to apologize for the mess when guests come over! You always want to make sure that things are split up evenly, it’s no fun to be doing all of the cleaning in the room. They were watching a movie and he starts massaging and well, you know, one thing lead to another. Its easy to get caught up in the passion of the moment and to tell yourself, “its just sex.” Better to be wise, put on the brakes and ask yourself, “Is this worth it? When you are upset and angry because you are hurt and you encounter each other in the kitchen? Eventually, one of the housemates moves out but probably not without some stormy and painful experiences. Answers are full of young women agonizing about how to handle her feelings for the guy after a night…well, you know… More common is that the relationship between the two who slept together goes wonky pretty quickly. Emotions are stirred, expectations created, the relationship is no longer easy and comfortable. What happens when one makes plans that doesn’t include the other? In other words, someone – maybe both people – get hurt.We understand why you are blocking ads, but just know it compromises your site experience (features may break or not appear entirely) and prevents us from investing in the Future of Porn.Sex with your housemate alters the comfortable, familiar, even familial relationship you had before. I heartily suggest a long conversation about what this means to you and how you will manage it before falling into bed.

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