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Fuck You: The New Fucken Declaration of Independence 37. The Fucken New American Constitution The Fucken New American Constitution updates that old shitass document written by lying lawyers, mint julep slavers and wigged fogies into a body of law we contemporary Americans can all enjoy and live by. They run posh Coprophilia clinics in the Cayman Islands and on several offshore pleasure boats. After reading this book his readers may do the same. We have quite a few progressive psychologists who are champions of the mental values of consuming various kinds of manures. Purvis took his dynamic and frictions filled schemes to statesmen-like munitions sales, hiring an aggressive trinity of shameless pitchmen teems to sell the same weapons to the same country. As such checks and balances do this created some natural abrasion between the trio of groups but, hey, that’s democracy. Our legendary Renaissance wing features a capacious sample of the lest interesting works of the painters from the time of Cimabue through Caravaggio, daubers with no talent at all yet who were busy filling walls of churches with murals that couldn’t even make colorful torture interesting.

A billionaire from his three-headed corporative coups, Purvis was six time governor of Arkansas, having not three but nine different branches of bureaucratic rulers all presiding over the same juggernauts. Is it a taste, a compulsion, a virtue, a legitimate act, a religion or a merely a niche market business? Do even our torturers who set up prisons to stifle the wicked demand such actions from their prey? Bourbon maintains had nothing against Blacks; he was not in any way a racist. The Platinum Whores, Bacteria and the Kleptonics 14. Bialisis Pills: A Cure for Teenage Sneeze Dysfunction 16. He is of course the esteemed author of our current excellent laws which lock up Black men under any pretext. Bourbon, an acclaimed and prestigious statistician and psychology professor working for Welfare was a frequent expert witness in Family Court, sometime marriage counselor; he realized early on that there was more crime among Black males than anybody else. The Crusade Against Crime by Hypolitte Bourbon This second handsomely printed volume of Hypolitte Bourbon’s immense, beautifully written memoir traces his later social action, his subtle legacy to America: a clarion call to stand against, punish and prevent crime.

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