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Supporters said the election of President Donald Trump and the nomination of conservative justices helped galvanize efforts to pass this law.Republicans who opposed the bill offered proposals to create new legal penalties for harming pregnant women.

Any corporation or unincorporated association found guilty of the crime of barratry shall be forever barred from doing any business or carrying on any activity within this State, and in the case of a corporation its charter or certificate of domestication shall be summarily revoked by the Secretary of State. Such action or suit may be brought by and in the name of any citizen of this State, and such penalty when collected, less the reasonable cost and expense of action or suit and recovery to be certified by the clerk of court of the county in which the offense is committed, shall be paid into the State Treasury. '12 Section 207; 1910 (26) 753; 1916 (29) 925; 1950 (46) 1881; 1958 (50) 1676. It is permissible to infer that possession by any person, other than a public officer as such, of any flag, standard, color, or ensign on which is anything made unlawful at any time by Section 16-17-220 or of any article, substance, or thing on which is anything made unlawful at any time by that section is in violation of that section. Refusal to relinquish party telephone line for emergency call.

The new law moves the section of state law dealing with abortion from the penal code to health statutes.

It also authorizes midwives and physician assistants to perform some abortions, CBS New York reports.

Some critics argued the bill could make it harder for prosecutors to bring charges when a woman is assaulted and loses her pregnancy, the AP reports, although Democrats disputed that.

Some opponents also predicted the bill will lead to more late-term abortions.

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