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The correspondence spans major historical events such as the two World Wars, the Great Depression, the fight for academic freedom at The University of Texas, and the fight for civil rights in the 1940s.The Works subseries consists of manuscript drafts, notes, and research material for Dobie's published books and newspaper columns from 1916-1967 (19 boxes).Longer works from the 1940s forward are also present including Chief correspondents include his wife, Bertha Mc Kee Dobie; his mother, Ella Byler Dobie; and his publisher, Little, Brown and Company.Other notable correspondents include Roy Bedichek, Maynard Dixon, Fred Gipson, John Howard Griffin, John Graves, Carl Hertzog, President Lyndon Baines Johnson, Tom Lea, John A.The letters are arranged alphabetically by recipient name.They consist of other Dobie family members including his father, Richard Jonathan Dobie, and sisters Martha Dobie and Fannie Dobie Stanford, as well as Tom Lea, Herbert Faulkner West, John Young, the publisher Little, Brown and Company, and various University of Texas at Austin departments.

The Recipient subseries consists of Dobie's incoming letters from approximately 12,732 correspondents, 1899-1967 (148 boxes).Lomax, Alexander Phimister Proctor, Carl Sandburg, Ross Santee, Henry Nash Smith, Frank Wardlaw, Walter Prescott Webb, Herbert Faulkner West, and Senator Ralph Yarborough.Dobie also received many letters from his readers and the general public, especially fellow Texans.Dobie spent a year managing the ranch until his uncle could no longer afford to pay him.He returned to teaching at UT where he would remain until 1947 except for two years as the Head of the English Department at Oklahoma A&M College, now Oklahoma State University (1923-1925), and two years as a visiting professor at Cambridge University (1943-1944).

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His father, Richard Jonathan Dobie, was a rancher and taught his son about the land and raising cattle; his mother, Ella Byler Dobie, was a teacher and gave him an appreciation for literature and nature. At age sixteen, he was sent to live with his grandmother in Alice, Texas to attend high school.

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