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In no time at all you will have more Sex than ever before. I’m a guy here, I know I know - girls can smell desperation a mile away right? But I just can’t seem to find a girl I want and am so sad about it. I get hurt I tell myself I’m not gonna try anymore, possibly become a recluse.I don't find it creepy or 'desperate'. I find it creepy when someone doesn't need anyone else and is super independent and cold. Also, I’d say 99% of relationships are like what you described, if you didn’t “need” or want ANY validation you wouldn’t date in the first place. None of them understand what it's like to go from that kind of relationship to being alone again.But we’re biologically programmed to have connections, even monogamy isn’t natural, we used to just fuck everyone in our “tribe”. Seems like that mentality is what creates more of the problem women try to avoid. It's tough, and everyone's so busy with their own lives.The fact is every human on the planet is attracted to humans that enjoy their existence as it already is, not ones looking frantically for a “connection” while quietly dying inside because they don’t have one as they fail to recognize that no other person will ever live their life for them - no matter how connected they are. as a baby redditor, with all these upvotes and comments. But how do you "smell" it when reading a dude's bio on an app or whatever? Now ironically I'm far happier with myself and my life and it's been a long, long dry spell.Make your existence - as it is, something that makes you proud and confident and women will flock to you. I think the main reason is because as I've become less desperate, I don't put myself out there as much, and I also have two jobs, go to school full time, am pretty introverted, and have hobbies and interests a lot of people don't.When you want, you have the desire to find that perfect woman.You know a relationship would probably make you happy and be fulfilling, so you want that in your life.

Also I’m still curious how they “sense” it, id like to think someone can hide it.

She will always keep you an arm’s length away, but lead you on and on and on…which will intensify your desperation.

Not sure if you are desperate or just keeping your eyes open for a woman who may be a good match?

We all want someone to be by our side, support us, love us, have sex with, etc.

But, there is a difference between wanting a woman to love and needing a woman to love.

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