Developing and validating trust measures

Users in product review sites such as Epinions 1 can share their reviews about products. The growth of Internet shopping motivates a better understanding of how e-loyalty is built online between businesses and consumers.

The model is empirically tested using a questionnaire-based field ..." Lack of trust in online companies is a primary reason why many web users do not shop online.Due to the presence of a large trust network for an online user, it is necessary ..." Traditionally, research about trust assumes a single type of trust between users.Due to the presence of a large trust network for an online user, it is necessary to discern multi-faceted trust as there are naturally experts of different types.Based on data ..." The growth of Internet shopping motivates a better understanding of how e-loyalty is built online between businesses and consumers.In this study website design and culture are advanced as important to website trust, website satisfaction, and e-loyalty in online business relationships. S., Germany and Japan, the research considers (1) examining within culture preferences for design elements of a local versus a foreign website and subsequent participant perceptions of trust, satisfaction and e-loyalty, and (2) comparisons between cultures for design preferences of local and foreign websites and subsequent participant perceptions of trust, satisfaction and e-loyalty.

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SUSY CHAN is a Professor in the School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems, De Paul University. in Instructional Technology from Syracuse Univer-sity. Her current research focuses on e-business strategies, enterprise applications and transformation, e-commerce curriculum, and mobile commerce.

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