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Our answers are not intended to be technical explanations of the law but rather, plain talk answers to real life concerns.You should obtain a qualified legal opinion on the facts of your specific case before deciding upon a course of action.General considerations in most cases include: A K-1 fiancée will usually enter the U. more quickly than a spouse but, will often obtain their permanent resident status (their "green card") more slowly. It seems counterintuitive that a fiancée would enter the U. more quickly than a spouse but, that is the way the system currently works. If the alien fiancée has unmarried, minor children that the couple wishes to reside in the U.S., those children may be eligible for K-2 status to enter the U.

Your immigration attorney, after exploring the specific facts of your case and discussing your objectives with you, can advise you on the relative advantages and disadvantages of each course of action, as it relates to your individual circumstances. Please note, that this requires the filing of an additional application and, if the alien wishes to work or, travel outside the U. during the pendency of her application to Adjust Status, separate applications must be filed for those benefits.Separate cases must be filed for each child, if they qualify.Your attorney will be happy to discuss whether your stepchildren qualify for Immediate Relative status. State, or foreign country, of residence he will be able to give you a fairly accurate prediction of the relative time differences between a fiancé and spouse petition for you based on your residence.Two's company, three's a crowd — and according to a recent study, 10 is a party (unless you're a baby boomer).However you tally it up, the average person enjoys more than 8,000 social events in a lifetime - and the reasons are also numerous.

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S., being processed on the same case as "derivative beneficiaries".

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