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Some people may be more protective of their personal information, or they might be nervous about meeting a stranger.Be patient and understanding to their needs and wait until they're comfortable.The more relaxed you appear, the easier it will be for your date to open up.(Bonus points if you can make him laugh.) Plan to end it. It’s better to end the date on a high note, with both of you wishing you had more time to spend together, than to make the other person feel trapped and unable to walk away. If the night fails to turn into the beginning of an epic love story, at least it won’t be because your date thought you were rude. Let your date get to know you without sharing every dark secret or messy life story.You should not make sexual comments to or about the person you're chatting with, and you should never make fun of someone or be intentionally hurtful. No one wants a surprise picture of a stranger's junk or a creepy shirtless photo.

If the other person wants to go out again and you don’t, be honest (but gentle) and decline the offer.Don’t criticize the menu or complain that she didn’t give you a heads up about the dress code. If the two of you aren’t a good fit, you don’t have to go out on a second date. Reference a conversation you had to let him know you’re thinking about the date fondly. Make a good impression — and show your date some respect — by arriving when you said you would. Make an effort to present the best version of yourself and to dress appropriately for the specific date. Manners are important, regardless of how well the two of you hit it off. It can be overwhelming to the listener, and can put the sharer in a vulnerable spot. It’s easy to spend most of a first date worried about what impression you’re making or what anecdote you should share next — and totally forget to pay attention to what the other person is saying.Give your date your full attention, and ask questions directly related to the things she’s sharing with you.Choose a place that’s public, relatively local, and conducive to conversation. Whether it’s coffee, drinks or dinner, you initiated it, so you should expect to pay for it. This is why it’s important to pick a date spot that’s not too far away. This gives you both the freedom to leave at any time — not that you’re expecting the date to go horribly, but it’s wise to consider an exit strategy — and won’t make anyone feel like they’re being held hostage.(This also helps you avoid that awkward in-the-car hug that occurs when you’re dropping someone off.) Make your date feel at ease. Smile, show a real interest in your date, and be yourself.

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