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When you think of flight attendants, you most likely think of perfect hair and makeup and a warm smile.

However, the job is nowhere near as glamorous as it is cracked up to be.

Flight attendants tend to be good at what they do, and what many people fail to note are all the long hours they put in.

Sometimes, they don’t even get to go home at night.

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In fact, only about four percent of people who go through the training to become a flight attendant actually stick with it and get asked to come aboard.

Because of this, you can rest assured when you date a flight attendant that he or she is not afraid of committing.

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Most men dream of dating flight attendants because let’s admit it, they’re pretty.

However, people being people, we only focus on the good side of things and turn a blind eye on the negative side of things.

Flight attendants can’t show up to work an hour late.

If they do, they miss their flight, and most likely lose their job.

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