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You can either do this by right mouse clicking on their nickname and selecting "chat" or by selecting the "DCC" menu, choosing "Chat..." and then typing their nickname in the resulting dialogue box.

A channel is not necessarily shared among all IRC servers.

Return to top Note that some people use a hyphen to create the "nose" of the smiley and some don't i.e.

:-) is the same as :) :-) Expresses happiness, sarcasm, or joke :-( Expresses unhappiness :-D Expresses jovial happiness :-Q Expresses confusion :[email protected] Expresses shock or screaming :-O Indicates surprise, yelling or realisation of an error ("uh oh!

If someone wants to talk to you alone, or if you want to chat to someone else alone, you "DCC" them - or "direct client to client".

In effect this opens a personal channel just for the two of you if you want to talk more personally.

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As time passes the large window below fills up with text entries.

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