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“Dating in these mediums can be a bit dehumanizing,” Russo says.

Christian, a 24-year-old living in Chicago, thinks it can be in certain cases. C: I actually met her on Tinder, and we hung out a few times. C: I did run into her at a bar that we both went to frequently.Ghosting has become so prevalent than many people I talk to, including myself, often have no, or very low, expectations when it comes to meeting a new person.If relationships are supposedly built on communication, then why do people ghost?Otherwise, you can gracefully accept that you’ve been ghosted.It happens to the best of us.” Russo thinks that the new boom in dating apps and meeting through the internet may be the reason why ghosting has become such a frustrating (and popular) dating phenomenon. It has increased with the popularity of online dating and more so with dating apps.” Dating apps are extremely popular right now, with as many as 27% of people ages 18-24 swiping on the reg.

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” Dating in the 21st century can be a free-for-all.

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