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Choi insisted that he be housed in Palmer’s old house.While living there, Choi made the discovery of a lifetime: Palmer had hid a duplicate of his belt that allowed him to change size.M’Nagalah’s emissaries and the legions of the Waiting began their war on the streets of Ivy Town.Choi, learning from the Waiting’s Praetor that the White House was under threat, thwarted the Waiting’s plan to take control of the president.After the preview in Brave New World, and a cameo in Infinite Crisis #7, Choi would fulfill the Atom’s shoes permanently in the pages of The All-New Atom, which debuted in September of 2006.Simone, Bryne, and Scott would launch the series as the creative team.The series lasted for 25 issues, though not without creative changes: Keith Champagne would take over for Gail Simone as writer with issue #19, and Byrne would leave the series after issue #3.

While outmaneuvering the serial killer Dwarfstar, Choi negotiated a truce between both sides, sparing Ivy Town’s destruction.

As the secret war continued, M’Nagalah continued after Palmer.

The Cancer God infected the villainess/professor Giganta, who captured Choi. Dean Mayland invited Choi’s father from Hong Kong to retrieve him, in order for Choi to remain safe.

Choi, the “All-New Atom,” was created by writer Gail Simone, with input from Grant Morrison.

Morrison originally wrote a 12-page outline on a redesigned Atom, but his commitments to the ongoing weekly series 52 prevented him from having an active hand in their realization.

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