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Articulating Attention and awareness result in articulation and succinctly describing what we have learned from our client.

Sharing our observation clearly but without judgment does this. ." Clarifying Clarifying is a combination of asking and clearly articulating what we have heard.

Consider the following different levels of listening: Level 1 Listening: When we are listening at level 1 our focus or attention is on how the words the other person is saying affect ourselves with minimal concern for the person talking.

We listen for the words of the other person to see how they affect us.

Pay attention to your gut for additional information. These questions can help you improve your communication and understanding of the client or staff member.

The client comes to you, not only for your ability to win a lawsuit, to negotiate a settlement, or draft a document, but also for your wisdom.

There is no room to let in the feelings of the person being "listened" to.

You evidence your understanding or wisdom by listening to your client - not just asking questions or delivering the service.

When clients are listened to they feel understood and are more trusting of you.

To connect with your client and have them experience you as an effective lawyer requires you to maintain superior listening skills along with asking effective questions.

Factors that may work against effective listening include: When we really listen to a client, we begin to hear different levels of communication.

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Rather than make assumptions find out what the person you are talking to knows about the problem. " Behind effective questioning is also the ability to listen to the answer and suspend judgment.

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