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Going up against @THATninahastie and @Robby Collins_ Goodluck all #Forthe Loveof Comedy♥️ Luckily for @robbycollins_ , English can also be used to bark 🐕 at attackers so not all hope is lost...

😂 😂 @dalinoliver Tune in to the #Roast Battle ZA 🔥🔥🔥 tonight at . #Roast Battle ZA #CCShows Join us for an evening of side-splitting comedy at the Comedy Chuckle on Thursday, 5 July at the @Mitchells Brew with comedians @KGcomic @Ya_a_seen_Him, @Dalin Oliver and @carlweber9. #KOF2018 Fo Se9b Wj The Roast Battle fire is burning across the globe...

To the ladies that came and gave their all, THANK YOU! ~d courtesy @Bontle Modiselle & @Candie Modiselle 🌻 #dance cc @curate Joburg #South Africa #Wom Yn2Wom Yn Modisell…

The Nelson Mandela Foundation 107 Central Street Houghton 3.

Office of the Premier of Gauteng 30 Simmonds Street Johannesburg 4.

#Servicesucks D U R B A N We'll be bringing the laughs from 31 Aug - 2 Sept.

Pop around & come hang with myself @Ya_a_seen_Him @KGcomic & @carlweber9. Awe #Day Zero Comedy RT this & you could WIN a double ticket to @Dalin Oliver's hit comedy show FACE FOR RADIO at the Baxter* from 10-15 Sept.

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