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Here at this very naughty granny dating site you won't find any grannies sitting around at home with their feet up; nope, these dirty horny gilfs are more interested in what's underneath their clothes.These hot naughty grannies are looking to get down and dirty; they do not care about forming relationships they just want to have some hardcore no strings attached fun.This will give you time to get an idea about the other person's reliability and honesty.Remember too that the other person is probably also a bit nervous and cautious, so try not to rush them.

Wherever you live, we have women members who live in your area.

Remeber also that you don't have to meet somewhere conventional.

If you have chatted online beforehand as most people do, you may find that you have a common interest.

Even if you fancy them like mad as soon as you meet - keep a little cool and let things develop at their own pace. The risk of meeting a "bunny boiler" or psychopath are very slight.

Often, attraction can develop slowly, so try a few dates before you make up your mind. A smile or even a kiss is not an invitation to pounce on the lady, which usually puts women off. Get a phone number at home or at work before you meet, if you can. (Yes, even the over 50's sometimes still have sex - despite what our children think). Take sensible precautions (see above) then just get out there and have some FUN!

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There are enough hot grannies here looking for casual sex to keep everyone happy.

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