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After I’ve had a few drinks and am kicking back stroking this thing is when my kinkiest of thoughts start coming out and I found how eager you gays are to serve a straight guy so that’s why I’m here.As far as I’m concerned a mouth is a mouth and an ass is an ass. As a straight man and naturally dominant master I find myself with plenty of kinky stuff I want to do that my women just won’t at times.Well instead of trying to pressure them I figured why not use a pig who will love bowing down to my kinks and taking the abuse I love to dish out.A Couple and Me *** --A tequila loving she-male links up with a horny couple. Coupons of a Mistress *** --His wife cashes in her coupons in a big way and arranges for a wild weekend with friends.The girls have a great time tieing up the men and putting them together in various ways. Creampie Reluctance**--- Biguy serves as maid at orgy, licking pussies clean and taking it up the ass.

(Shemale MF, M /MF, auth, humil, wife, gs) A Belittled Couple ** --A gambler uses a couple when they fail to pay their debts. Best Friends, First** -- Three old friends share a dobie, then each other. Bi Biker Gang Bang**--Gang gives it to innocent guy and their sluts at the bar (M F, M M, bd, auth, ws) Bi Friends: By Accident? **--His beautiful Indian fuck-buddy orders her cousin to join in their fun. Bi-couple**1/2 --He goes home with a horny couple he meets at a gay bar only to discover that she's in charge. The Big Surprise ** --She heats up their marriage by tying him up, blindfolding him, and inviting over a stranger (MMF, bd, auth, intro-anal).Everyones desires are fulfilled at the dinner party.The only thing lacking in this story is bimale action, though there are some strapons...(MFdom/F, MFF, M F , bdsm, humil). The Circle**1/2 ---A couple is introduced to submission, bisexuality, and more by the masters of "the Circle." Stay away from the last few pages if you don't like extreme kink. (MMF, wife, MM, FF, beast, intro, dom, gs) College Boy-Part 1 --2**1/2 --When a BMOC tries to seduce a cute freshman, her brother's friend comes to her aid and turns him into their boy toy. Coming Out**-- He meets a young couple at their daughter's coming out party and they introduce him to new pleasures. (MMF, intro) Company Cuckold-Part 1 --2**1/2 -- Peter gets a job with his wife's company only to find she's been servicing all the black managers.(MMF, MM, MF, exhib, mild auth/humil, intro) Gym-Slave**1/2 ---A well-hung master shares his bi slave with a lady friend. He's forced to serve at parties, clubs...(MMF, Femdom/MM, F /M, bdsm, shave).Homecoming**1/2 -- Sailor's happy to be home, especially when his gal's got a big black Officer's cock for him. Husband Chapter 1-- 2-- 3-- 4-- 5-- 6***1/2 --Peter decides to explore his bi and submissive tendencies with the help of his wife and a domineering stranger.

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