Help my daughters dating a niger

Niger has the one of the highest rates of child marriages in the world.In some rural areas, girls are still considered to be heir parents’ property."It's a universal right enshrined in international law," said Zakari and yet Zeinabou Moussa had to fight for it so desperately.After she bit her husband, Zeinabou escaped, once again, to her parents' house.

After a coup in 2010, things seemed to be moving forward again.The organization also supports young girls and women filing for a divorce, accompanying them to local judges and traditional leaders.So far this year, Abani has been able to help annul three cases of forced marriage.The organization provides shelter to women in need in Niger's capital Niamey and runs outreach programs in the provinces.Abani and her colleagues have been working hard to change local attitudes and persuade parents that their daughters have a right to a childhood and education.

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