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You definitely don’t want to be so picky that no one is ever good enough, but there’s a fine line between settling and easing up on that strict list of deal breakers.

Once you realize that dating sucks, you never want to date.

(I wish I was joking.) We’ve all had those surreal-feeling dates where someone goes on a crazy rant or asks you odd questions. If dating was so much fun and so awesome, we would have only good things to say about it.If you ask why, they will say that they want to ensure your safety that you are not scammed.Thank you very much, I am smart enough not to send money to people I meet on the Internet, and I don't need someone to sensor all my communication with a woman I hope to marry one day. Soon you’re convinced that this guy will hate your favorite dress and you haven’t even met him yet, let alone even left your apartment. You try to stay calm and not think about what you should wear, but that plan never works out.

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