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Although at times Extraverts and Introverts will become very frustrated with one another, as long as they are willing to proactively regulate or communicate about their tendencies, they can have a perfectly healthy and happy relationships with their opposite.

Myers-Briggs Relationships with Two Extraverted Personality Types For couples that involve two of the same type, relationships are often more cohesive and easier—though that’s not to say that there aren’t problems that could arise.

Being quick to judge your partner just because they see things differently can lead to problems, where as having an open mind and accepting natural tendencies of others personalities can lead to substantial personal growth and happiness.

Getting into the habit of allowing your partner to have their way can be more beneficial than arguing about your differences, and oftentimes the selfless act will be reciprocated.

However, Introverts still enjoy staying in, using their time with their partner in a one-on-one setting.

Although Extraverts may enjoy this tête-à-tête time in the beginning, their need for the company of others will soon takeover, and if the Introvert cannot adjust—or they can’t learn to meet halfway—it can prove problematic.

The worst thing an individual can do is to clam up and keep their feelings hidden from their Extraverted partner.

If you need more time to process or formulate words for your thoughts or opinions, it’s best to communicate this with the Extravert.

Other actions that you can take to better get along with an Extravert in a relationship are to be open to hearing what the Extravert has to say, as they often come to conclusions by talking through certain things.

All in all, though, oftentimes Extraverted couples have happy, energetic relationships.

Relationships with Two Introverted Personality Types Much like Extraverted couples; a couple made up of two Introverts will bond over their similarities and personality types.

One interesting note about Extraverts: they love to be praised, complimented, and talked up.

Don’t be afraid to boost their ego a little, as they take great pride in how others view them, whether it’s how they look, what they’re doing with their lives, or even just nice things about them.

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