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Ex revenge pics by jilted lovers are the stuff of online voyeurs…and all of us have seen a fair share of them.Photo upload and sharing sites like Flickr do their bit by giving you lots of descriptive tags (hate, venom, revenge, feelings, relationships etc.) to use with the photos. They achieved intended or unintended notoriety with their sex tapes.The more places you use to extract your pound of revenge with the name of your ex, better are the chances of his or her name turning up on a Google results page (along with the morally loose details of course). This article merely seeks to highlight the ways the web is currently being used for extracting revenge on an ex. After removing the grime of an MBA and a ten year long marketing career, he is now passionate about helping others improve their storytelling skills.But finally it boils down to one simple inescapable fact – you have to let go. Good or bad…revenge will unfortunately never go out of fashion. He looks out for the missing Oxford comma and hates bad screenshots.Social media like Facebook and Twitter has turned us into vampiric voyeurs.Just change your relationship status message and see the comments you collect. Posting images of your ex is by far the most common but suspicious spouses also use the relative anonymity of social networks to pose as someone else and catch their ‘worse’ half’s in the act.When it comes to revenge, they say that it’s a dish best served cold. With the coming of age of the very public World Wide Web, pouring vitriol on your partner has taken on another dimension. I am writing it with an inquisitiveness that’s born out of watching such ‘breaking news’ given top billing by even major news channels.Today, it seems that when it comes to ex-partners and ex-flames, its best served online. It’s like being hauled up to the town square and given a very public tongue lashing. So, let’s check out some myriad (and creative) ways to take revenge on your ex-partner after a relationship has gone south.

The below mentioned sites are just a sampling, but browse through. Going stag could start looking attractive all over again.But today, as We Are Social reports, 40 percent of the world’s population is active on the Internet, with those users operating over 2 billion active social media accounts.As more people disclose their identities on the Internet and as the use of social media becomes more widespread, it’s easier than ever to quickly spread personal stories online.But can women like Ramadei succeed in using Internet shaming for more pointed acts of political good against male misbehavior?Are these acts of feminist public shaming ever effective? And, if not, what are we really doing when we try to shame men online?

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