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And then three months ago, the same tabloid seemingly forgot its previous narratives involving Pitt and Skarsgard because it inaccurately asserted . Despite being tied to different men, Theron herself has said she hasn’t been in a relationship for a long time.This past April, Theron said she’s been “single for 10 years” and “available” to date."Brad Pitt Spending Time With Angelina Jolie Amid Charlize Theron 'Romance' Is Made-Up Story." Gossip Cop, 26 Jan. Alexander Skarsgard is a Swedish actor who is famous for his acting in movies as well as TV series.Alexander was caught off-guard, hence he made a joke of it.

Of course, as Pitt’s rep confirmed then, he and Theron never dated either.

Alexender has never been married so the context of divorce is out of his life.

But previously he has been on dates and relationships with quite a number of ladies.

And as Gossip Cop pointed out last year when the magazine wrongly alleged , “I am for sure finished” having kids. "Charlize Theron, Alexander Skarsgard Settling Down And Starting Family?

When Gossip Cop reexamines stories from the year before it’s not to congratulate ourselves for being right. "Charlize Theron Says She Is 'Shockingly' Single and Ready to Date: Somebody Needs to 'Step Up.'" People, 4 Apr.

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The greatest hint anyone ever had of their connection was Chung's 2016 Instagram post in which she playfully made fun of the intense diet Skarsgard underwent in preparation for the title role in Shortly after breaking up with Chung, Skarsgard reportedly tried to get back in the game by going on a blind date with 25-year-old model Toni Garrn.

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