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See more » Of course, it can be compared to Tim Allen's old show, but this is really fresh and Tim having to interact with girls instead of boys really puts him out of his element, and adds to the humor.Love Hector as the boss,(He was the best part of Pretty Woman).Kyle and Travis Clark aren't easily located online.A Facebook profile for Travis Clark lists his employer as a legal finance consulting firm in San Francisco and his father as Gordon Clark.The public was devouring any information they could glean about the players in the Trial of the Century, especially Clark. According to a profile from Marcia speedily wed Scientology administrator Gordon Clark because Gordon's position forbade him from dating someone outside of the church, so they married to get around that rule. Gordon referenced Marcia's huge role in the trial in his bid for custody of their children, then ages 3 and 5, stoking a national argument about working mothers.That included the details of the lives of Marcia Clark's two children, Travis and Kyle. Together, they had two children, Travis and Kyle, and reported that after 12 years of marriage, Marcia filed for divorce from Gordon four days before joining the O. In 1995, the reported on the papers filed, in which Gordon had written, "While I commend [Marcia's] brilliance, her legal ability and her tremendous competence as an attorney, I do not want our children to continue to suffer because she is never home, and never has any time to spend with them." Marcia's response reasserted her commitment to her kids and chastised her former husband for making their personal struggles public.He loves to have adventures while he's traveling for work and, of course, he drives a pick-up truck.

As a result of Vanessa's increased work load, Mike is pulled into more hands-on parenting than ever before.

He had intended to inform a detective of his father’s dealings, but once there, Tim had a different idea.

Making his way to the rooftop, Tim activated the Bat-Signal and waited.

"I feel it is inappropriate of me to discuss details of my marital dissolution case or child custody issues in the media," Clark said through her lawyer.

After the conclusion of the trial in 1996, updated their readers on Marcia's life, reporting that though she and Gordon were still "hammer[ing] out a settlement," she had "settled comfortably into her role as chauffeur and playmate to her two young sons." Marcia is still a public figure, though she's much more in control of when and how she's observed.

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