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The Northwest Detention Center (NWDC) in late July housed 1,474 immigrants, making it one of the largest detention facilities in the country.

According to the American Bar Association, 84 percent have no legal representation.TACOMA, Wash.—The 96-year-old Port of Tacoma features crisscrossing railroad tracks, warehouses, and sparsely traveled roads.Thirty miles south of Seattle and amid that maze sits a large, drab structure—one that wouldn’t be distinguishable if not for the barbed wire and weathered concrete sign emblazoned: Northwest Detention Center.His plea bargain included 10 years’ probation and a rehab program. He was the poster child for Mission Waco, which featured him on billboards: “I was on meth. on March 30, 2011, the Mustakims answered an unexpected knock on the front door. Within 24 hours, Mustakim was 250 miles away at the South Texas Detention Complex, a GEO-operated facility in Pearsall, Texas. “You feel like a bird in a cage,” Mustakim told me in a Skype interview.Mustakim, a nonpracticing Muslim, went to Mission Waco (Texas) to fulfill his rehabilitation requirement, but he later professed faith in Christ, earned a job, and in 2010 married a U. “I didn’t see grass for 10 months.” Since detainees aren’t allowed contact visits, Nazry recalls knocking on a glass window so his wife, Hope, could have some physical contact with him.

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Nazry Mustakim came legally to the United States from Singapore with his mother and siblings in 1992.

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