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If your 84M Rifle has a serial number listed in the List of Serial Numbers of Potentially Affected 84M Rifles linked to this document, please contact us immediately to obtain an Return Merchandise Authorization (“RMA”) and arrange to have your 84M Rifle returned to Kimber for examination and remedial measures as may be necessary, free of charge, using the following steps: If your 84M Rifle is affected by this recall, and you have already sent your 84M Rifle in to Kimber, we will examine your 84M Rifle, remediate if necessary and possible, and if possible to remediate, return it to you (free of charge) after being remediated for the issue identified by this recall notice, in as short a period as possible.

If you have already sold or otherwise disposed of your 84M Rifle(s) affected by this recall, we request that you immediately provide us with contact information for the purchaser(s) so that we may directly notify them of this recall.

If your 84M Rifle is among those so listed, please contact us as described below immediately, and do not load, use, sell, or otherwise make available your 84M Rifle, because if present this condition may lead to serious personal injury or death.

Kimber is voluntarily recalling the affected products to help ensure the personal safety of the parties that purchased and/or used them.This quality issue could allow the optics assembly to become separated from the handgun when it is fired, presenting a risk of serious personal injury to the user.This Recall Notice applies only to the Serial Numbers of those products listed in the List of Serial Numbers of Recalled Products linked to this document.My job keeps me on a computer 12 hours a day but it is nearly impossible for me to get on a phone. I shoot with guys with Ed's and Wilsons and STI's and I can run right with If I can get help from good guys like your self I can normally get the answers I need. I'm confused as to why to original owner ever parted with it.

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"The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it." -- Thomas Jefferson __________________ Kimber Pro Carry HD - Bobtailed Kimber Combat Carry Glock's, Colt/Bravo Company and misc.

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