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My only marriage was a relationship of over 30 years, resulting in an incredible daughter and son, both adults now.

Although his paternal grandfather was a sayyid (Shiite religious scholar) and his maternal grandfather was the imam of a mosque, both fathers did not object to the marriage.

Ahmed continued, “The Shiite tradition does not prohibit Shiites from marrying Sunnis and foreigners, so I maintain strong bonds with my uncles in Al-Sulaymaniyyah, and I have married my daughter to one of my Kurdish relatives.

With the continuing sectarian strife in several areas of the Iraqi capital, one might be surprised to find that the cultured Baghdadi youth remain uninfluenced when it comes to marriage.

The prophet Mohammed has said, "Marriage is my tradition who so ever keeps away there from is not from amongst me".Muslim Marriage Link let you create your free Personal Profile and upload your picture.promotes itself as a matrimonial relationship site for those of the Muslim faith.Yes, it is true that Baghdad is divided between the two main sects: Sunni and Shiite.One will find neighborhoods that are either predominantly Sunni or predominantly Shi`ah.

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