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soundstage, and in the dark beyond the blazing lights the crew grows quiet. ” And in the silence that follows, Dunham transforms from one of the most powerful women in TV into the confused, questing neophyte she brings to life on-screen.It’s late summer, in the urban tangle of Queens, and Lena Dunham—showing no hint of exhaustion after months of writing, directing, and acting—is shooting the show’s season-three finale. This morning, they are shooting a bedroom tête-à-tête.

Young people chase small-screen careers the way that they previously dreamed of movie-house immortality.

Sexuality isn’t a perfect puzzle, like, ‘He has a nice nose and she has a nice nose! And so they’re going to live happily ever after in a house that was purchased with their modeling money! I want people ultimately, even if they’re disturbed by certain moments, to feel bolstered and normalized by the sex that’s on the show.”On the set, late that morning, Dunham has left the bedroom to block out another scene.

“So, let’s just read this first and see if there are any cuts or changes,” she says to Baker and Peter Scolari, the actor who plays her father: They are preparing to film a telephone conversation set partly in the Horvath home kitchen. ”On a chilly afternoon in autumn, Dunham calls to ask whether I want to have tea, and I meet her at the stately Brooklyn Heights building where she’s lived for the past couple of years.

In addition to carrying a heavy writing, acting, directing, editing, and producing load for ), and will soon release her debut book: a comic memoir she composed in free time that she doesn’t really have.“She writes constantly,” says Williams.

“Late at night, early in the morning, constantly.” Dunham writes on planes; at the studio; and, not infrequently, in bed.

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“Seeing somebody who looks like you having sex on television is a less comfortable experience than seeing somebody who looks like nobody you’ve ever met.” In to say, ‘Will you show your breasts on television?

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