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South Australia's Ombudsman, Wayne Lines, has confirmed he's investigating corporate credit card expenditure by the City of Onkaparinga.

The southern suburbs council and its staff have been under intense scrutiny in recent months, amid revelations the council's Mayor and chief executive spent almost ,000 in 18 months on ratepayer-funded credit cards.

Councillors were told that the Auditor-General had completed an investigation into the credit card usage and that council was cleared.

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Onkaparinga Council CEO Mark Dowd said in a statement that motion for an independent enquiry was raised via Councillor [Bill] Jamieson's notice of motion on February 20 this year "which was amended on the night, as suggested by me, to include the Ombudsman as a relevant agency"."As a consequence of council passing this motion, I sought permission from the Ombudsman to advise the elected members regarding the investigation that was being undertaken by his office," Mr Dowd said."The Ombudsman provided that authority and I made all elected members aware of the Ombudsman's enquiry via confidential email on 27 February."The Ombudsman's authorisation made it clear this information could only be provided to elected members and could not be made public."It is clear that the Ombudsman is conducting the same enquiries which would be undertaken as part of an independent enquiry called for by the resolution of the council ..."He said the council would continue to provide the Ombudsman with the information requested.

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