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On the Kindle, navigate to Menu Settings to enter the settings menu, then tap the Menu button again from within the settings menu and select “Update Your Kindle.” Press OK and then wait.

(If the “Update Your Kindle” option is grayed out, that means the Kindle was unable to locate the file; confirm you placed it in the root directory and try again.) After your Kindle reboots (don’t be concerned if it takes a minute or longer to finish rebooting and updating), repeat the version check process by looking in the Device Info menu.

Save yourself some time and use Ctrl F to search for the character string.

Once you’ve double checked your serial number against the list, it’s time to grab the actual update files.

Since the release of Ubuntu 18.04 and other Linux distros, many people have been having compatibility issues with PHP 7.2 and php My Admin 4.6.

In this article we will manually download and install the latest version of php My Admin to resolve these issues. In this guide we are using version, released June 2019.

If your Kindle is linked to your Amazon account ,simply log into your Amazon Content and Devices dashboard and click on the “Your Devices” tab.

Once you have the first four characters, you can reference the following list to determine exactly which model you have.

Remember, there may be multiple versions of the same model—this is why we went searching for the serial number in step one. Clearly, the firmware version we have on our Paperwhite (5.6.1) is behind the most recent version as of this writing (5.8.5).

Once you’ve selected the model, you’ll see a download link with the current version number listed. Somewhere along the line, we got the summer 2016 update but missed out on the big fall 2016 update that ushered in the new home screen layout.

your Windows Defender will not have the latest definitions, till such a time that you update them manually.

This is because Windows Defender and Windows Update are both dependent on the Windows Updates services. Give the task a name and description and click on Next. Set the Time at which the updating task should run. You will now be able to see the task in the Task Scheduler Library.

Search for manually updating:

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The wiki How Tech Team also followed the article's instructions, and validated that they work. i Tunes notifies you whenever there is a new software update available, but they are not downloaded and installed unless you choose to update.

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