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He was, by his own account, sleeping only two to three hours per night and began to fear that he would die early from a heart attack.

In March 2009, Driscoll was involved in an ABC Nightline debate entitled, "Does Satan Exist?" Driscoll and Annie Lobert, founder of the Hookers for Jesus Christian ministry, argued for the existence of the devil against the philosopher Deepak Chopra and Carlton Pearson, a former fundamentalist minister and author of The Gospel of Inclusion.Driscoll argued that a belief in both Satan and God was an essential tenet of Christianity.They helped to rebuild dozens of churches in Haiti and Japan. Chandler also planned to disentangle Acts 29 from Mars Hill Church; prior to Driscoll's departure, Acts 29 was primarily funded by Mars Hill.Driscoll first flew to Haiti shortly after the earthquake, and set up a partnership between his church and Jean F. By mid-2014, Driscoll was no longer on the board of Acts 29.

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