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The last few days have been so much involving press, plus meetings, plus premieres, plus more meetings. CHRIS NEUMER: My gosh, so you had to talk to the guys in sweat pants and bad beards all day huh? CHRIS NEUMER: “Did you draw upon anything from your real life to create this? There’s probably a little more of, “What’s your favorite death sequence in the film? ” Or, “You’ve seen it, you know what my character is.” MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: Those types of questions can be a little annoying after a while, but it was fine. it was nice having him with me because we could bounce off each other if one of us didn’t feel like answering it right away. All day yesterday and then the premiere was last night. “Tell me about your character.” MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: Yes, of course. Of course Ryan Merriman who was with me in the press junket says he wants to go out in a blaze of glory and gunfire so that’s a little more exciting. MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: Yeah, it’s only my second one. ” If I’m talking to you, it’s going to be a conversation that hopefully you will be interested in it as opposed to, “So tell me about your character” where you look at me and say, “Why don’t you watch the movie, jackass?MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: I wouldn’t agree with that. Lying to your girlfriend or boyfriend is a much different thing than acting to me.CHRIS NEUMER: This begs the question then: What is acting to you?MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: That’s a perfect way to describe it.CHRIS NEUMER: Are there any things that you look ahead and you won’t do?

She teams with schoolmate Kevin Fischer (Ryan Merriman) in a race against time to prevent death from revisiting the survivors of the accident.

MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: To me, it’s a lot of different things.

It’s a release of emotions, it’s a place to channel whatever energy you have inside and creative energy and all that stuff. Have you had the opportunity to display significant range in the roles that you have taken? Surprisingly in the film that I have coming out right now, , I wouldn’t have expected to get as much opportunity to be able to show that range as I did.

I thought she was amazing not only as an actress but physically amazing and got to show so many different parts of what she could do.

CHRIS NEUMER: When you say that, is there anything specific that she did that you were like, “Wow! MARY ELIZABETH WINSTEAD: Throughout the whole movie I was amazed at the strength that she was able to portray in the character, but at the same time, her vulnerability.

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Entendons-nous bien : le but de cette chronique n’était pas de houspiller un blockbuster de plus avec la prétention intellectuelle qui nous caractérise. Et nous avions deux bonnes raisons : La mort ne leur va plus si bien…

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