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I've had 6 beers at this point and am buzzing hard. He tells me to strip and change into a t-shirt and sweat pants (he gives me a pair of old sweats to use). The owner gets on all fours, and Maverick starts humping away like mad.

I hear the guy say "Oh YEAH" and the dog's cock is in him. He seems to be as Maverick keeps jumping up on both of us. I do, and Maverick gets behind me and starts licking my asscrack.

We talked about what I wanted and I showed him a scene where a guy gets mounted by the dog and fucked some, but doesn't take the knot. His little red penis was already starting to poke out of his sheath and he was jumping up on both of us.

Then the guy fucks his ass with the dog's cock for awhile. Since I cant' get fisted, there is no way I can take the dog's knot! The owner is also in sweats and says, "Ok, I'm going to show you what's going to happen-- it all happens very fast once it gets going." So he starts to pull down his sweats and the dog jumps up on his hind legs and grabs his waist.

Then he grabs my hand and has me reach back to hold behind the knot so he can watch and jack off.

I manage to fuck myself for about 5 minutes with Maverick's fat wang.

My aunt and aunt had gone away and needed a dog that needed care. They brought him, left me in the last moment and left. I was at home because it was cold on school vacation.

The guy is so turned on at this point that he stands up and says he's gonna cum.I was actually the first guy he'd agreed to share his dog with.He'd helped couples before- the women getting the dog while the husbands watched or helped- but never a single guy. He eventually let Maverick up on the deck so that we could meet.When I first experienced K9, I was about 14 years old. Very well developed for my age (20 years old), I have already been fucked by my sister’s friend.

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