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Tommy saw his grandparents on a semi-regular basis for most of his young life.

In June 1996, Terry returns to the Street with Tommy.

The character was born on screen during the episode airing on 9 September 1992 and departed in December 1993, before returning for five short stints in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, and 2000.

Rosie, attempting to show Tommy's true colours,she seduces him and tells him to undress and wait for her in the meantime she calls Jason who arrived and caught Tommy in his boxer shorts following this Tommy is forced to roam the streets in his underwear despite this he and Jason remain friends.

Eventually, following Rosie and Jason's reconciliation, Tommy gets back in the Websters' good books when he rescues Kevin from an accident at the garage in which he is crushed underneath a car (Tyrone had damaged the car ramp that Kevin was using at the time).

Tommy meets Amber Kalirai in July 2011 and begins to flirt with her but after catching him making his move on Tina, she dumps him, while he denies that they were even together. Matt Carter began dating Tina in August 2011, a jealous Tommy began trying to split them up to no avail.

When Tina dumped Dr Carter after coming to the conclusion that he is embarrassed by her job as a barmaid. In February 2012, Stella Price begins to notice how Tommy acts around Tina so Stella tells Tina how Tommy feels about her but neither of them want to discuss their feelings.

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