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If I narrowed my dating pool to only mixed race gay guys in Northern Ireland the odds of me finding someone I connected to would be quite low indeed. I tend to want females my complexion or darker [Im mixed] - I have gone white but it not a preference.

Mixed females as far as I know consider themselves black and only a few cases I know of would date white guy.

I am interested if mixed black white people are different according to parental order, and if it effects their preferences, but then when I think of mixed women, whether the dad is black or white, they seem to prefer white guys.

It seems like the first and most mixed race people, in the case of white/black, were black dads and white mums, personally I think that may have been to do with black mens reputed sexual performance, but now it seems there are more white guy/black woman couples, or white guy/mixed woman couples.

As long as both can respect, trust, cherish, treasure, appreciate and love each other, a love relationship should not merely be shunned just because they are of the different race.

Here is a site which features Asian men with European women: What do you all think are the attitudes towards interracial dating in the UK?

It seems Europe is not as hung up on race as the Americans are! It's less a question of race and more a question of culture which explains why sometimes people of a certain origin don't go out with people of a different origin. I know a Canadian friend of European origin who recently went to Taiwan.

I read somethin on another thread that said they don't know how to approach each other, and this seems like what my inkling was.

It seems like they are more comfortable with either a black or white person.

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Whether or not people would like to admit it, there is a objective hierachy of of attractiveness for races and basically the whiter you are the better.

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