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Clinker: Nick, what is the top speed of the Ferrari 250 GTO? Afi: Are you saying you have NO penalty points Nick? Lunatic: speaking of polishing helmets, are you Britishers amused at our Presidential penile predilections? Donny: Would you like to compete in a touring car race? Nick Mason: Yes I still have a C5 and am perfectly capable of driving very badly indeed. Lunatic-on-the-bluegrass: Have you ever considered a spin in a NASCAR racer? Ilan: Nick: What are the features of the GTO that you find most striking? Nick Mason: GTO features most strking - brakes, suspension, engine, gearbox, body shape, performance, history,.. Richard-NZ: Nick, do you ever chat in the IRC chat rooms??? Nick Mason: I know there are the bootlegs on the net, it's just not something I want to collect. Noz: Nick, would you be interested if some of us, PF fans would design a website for you to present your cars collection (since Dave got a website for Intrepid Aviation ) ? Nick Mason: GTO or sex - both please but not in that car.... Nick Mason: Robert Wyatt's CD would be good to play anywhere. That way all will be pleased and you will have control over your stuff? Nick Mason: You can have Roger's number if you give me Bob Dylan's. Res Pisces: Do you think Robert Wyatt's new CD Shleep would be a good record to play in the car? Flytomars: Why not issue live early stuff in small quantities, mail order or something like that. Nick Mason: I don't have a Lotus - I'll have to ask my daughter. sheesh Nick Mason: I feel Wendy may be in the wrong chat room. Richard-NZ: Do you know of world famous drivers from New Zealand like Chris Amon, and Denny Holme, Nick???? He came to Goodwood last year and came to our show in New Zealand.

: What sounds better, Pink Floyd or the Ferrari 512S? Moz: Nick, was is your best souvenir you have while you were driving a car ?

Nick Mason: Nigel - not particularly, would you like to donate to mine?

Yurst: I might just have to watch my 'Carrera Panamericana' video for this occasion. Nils: Lol, probobly a dodge then :) Spud Murphy: Nissan Sunny? Moz: Regarding the Carrera Pan Americana, who is the best driver between you and Dave ?

Henrietta: If you had to get rid of all your cars except for one, which would you keep? Nigel: Can I have Roger Waters phone number please? Nick Mason: I haven't got a Mc Laren but I think it's less than 4 secs. Res Pisces: Do you think the art of driving and the art of drumming have anything in common? Richard-NZ: decided yet who you will give the 2 books to???? Nick Mason: Yes, I do have some bootlegs of our stuff to remind me how much I hate them. Donny: Have you been watching the Touring Car Championships? He once drove the GTO with me in a race at Silverstone. Nick Mason: I'm still flying, I do talk to Pete Townshend and Roy Harper but have to go now as they are going to tow my car away.

Nick Mason: No sales figures for Rick's albums, but yes I like it. Rupert: How about release rare shows etc therefore wiping out need for bootlegs? Why not supply and if you have to, make money out of it, rather than let the rip-off merchants walk away with your artistic copyright? Nick Mason: Yes, I watched some of the touring car stuff - big fan of Will Hoy.

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