Ntp not updating date

the ntp server addresses has not reached the cli.i guess i'll need to add it there and then enable ntpit is the warning about incosistent NTP on 7.5 that makes me not want to do this (I do this on Rls 5 systems)I'll try and do this after the call center closes Have you checked out the Feature Guide description on NTP.Lots of info there, maybe your just missing a step. When I finished upgrades to 7.5 across 3 nodes (1 x1000M and 2 x1000E)I had similar NTP issues. I configured the NTP portion via EM on the primary and base systems. (VX works call srvrs being utilized) We use an external NTP server to provide the time to the signalling server (linux base) and the linux base updates the node stuff from there.

NTP configuration andmanagement are controlled from the Linux Base layer.

Net Time is failing to sync - it reports that it had "Inconsistent responses" If there is a large time difference between the local system and the time returned by the time server, Net Time will automatically check with a secondary server to ensure that the time that it has received is actually valid.

If it can't find a unique secondary server that provides a time which is a close fit to the time returned by the primary server, it will fail with "Inconsistent Responses" The most common causes for this is if multiple servers are configured but point to the same IP address, or you're using the default servers and you are in a region with only 1 actual server in the NTP Pool.

Note: To apply Network Time Protocol configuration to all system elements, ensure theconfiguration is done using Element Manager.

CLI commands only configure the Call Server,and may lead to inconsistent NTP operation at the system level.

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