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The day of the exam came and I tried my hardest but completely freaked out. The exam got done and revealed no problems, but it was clear to me that this couldn't continue.

So I did what any self-respecting 28 year old did in 2003: I Googled "body acceptance." Imagine my surprise to see a page full of links to nudist sites.

Initially it was offered that the club would be welcome to wear whatever they wanted to, but the ladies soundly, (but privately) admitted that it gave them plausible cover to say that they were only stripping down because it was required.Our resort now has some beautiful new plantings, and hopefully some new members.A gardening club decided on an adventurous field trip, and planted a dozen butterfly encouraging bushes around the property.My mother divorced my father, and I never saw him again, but I didn't mind because I hated him anyway, and he abused me. From birth my family was comfortable with being nude. Some of their breasts were tiny, and some of them were huge.We weren't full nudists, but we were fine walking to and from the shower nude, and stuff like that. Some of their vaginas looked neat and tidy, others looked large and noticeable.

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-Anonymous My first time experience, was when Glen Eden Sun Club, Corona, CA. Though I was 28 years old, I'd never had an ob/gyn check-up and was terrified. I slept fully clothed, right down to shoes and a belt.

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