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Recently many hobbyists have been in touch with us here at Textile Resistance feels like unhappiness, boredom, restlessness, guilt and it comes in many forms; do you recognise any of these?

They are generally looking for ways to turn their passion for textiles into a fulltime job. Having endless debates with yourself about the best course of action for a particular piece, or re-arranging your workspace; that’s resistance!

There is a constant battle being fought between resistance (which lives in our ego) and our allies (which live in our self).

They act, dress, speak and create not for the progression of their work, but for the impression it will have on their peers. Everyone who has ever tried to improve their lives or start a new venture will know that the main problem is not the money or the time; it’s the motivation.Deep in our psychology we have a hidden enemy, a devious little voice that tells us not to start or attempt anything because we’ll automatically fail or we’ve got better things to do.This little creep is usually the reason diets fail or books don’t get written.There’s nothing wrong with that if you want to keep your art as a hobby.But keep in mind, Tolstoy had 13 children and still managed to write War and Peace!

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