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This lawsuit package will help you get your title dispute on the court record to block the eviction process.We coach you and make sure you understand the strategy and the content of the lawsuit.Debt Collectors violate HIPAA by obtaining your billing and other private information (without your consent) from your healthcare provider.Your billing information is covered under Federal Privacy Laws.Assist with identifying issues for appeal; gathering and organizing documents for a record on appeal and/or a joint appendix; indexing cases for a table of authorities; assisting in the research and drafting of appellate documents; and filing documents with the court.Organize, index, summarize, and analyze medical records, gather signed and notarized medical authorizations; copy, scan, create timeline summaries, follow-up with medical providers- to include research contact information and verify dates of service.

Organize exhibits, documents and evidence; arrange for transporting and setting up files and exhibits in the courtroom; prepare and issue subpoenas; assist in preparing witnesses; research and evaluate prospective jurors; and serve as a liaison between clients, witnesses, experts, vendors and the trial team.The only remedy is filing your lawsuit in Federal Court and holding the third party collectors liable.When you show one unlawful violation against the attorneys or law firm the “Clean Hands” doctrine will prevent the attorneys from winning in court.Imagine what you can accomplish working with a great foreclosure defense specialist.When you use our wrongful foreclosure lawsuit, We will provide you with the documentation you need to prove to the court the foreclosure should not take place because of the Federal Law Violations Listed in the lawsuit.

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It takes most people about an hour or two to personalize following the instructions pm the last page of the document.

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