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In Colombia, the proportion of pregnancies ending in abortion or miscarriage nearly doubled, from 7% in 1985-1990 to 13% in 1995-1999; the proportion in Peru stayed relatively stable at 8-10%.Of premarital pregnancies that resulted in live births, the proportion that were delivered after the woman married or began cohabiting decreased over the study period from 40% to 31% in Colombia and from 49% to 39% in Peru.We’re all about travelling smart at The Broke Backpacker, so we want to help you out with some major pointers that’ll keep your trip trouble-free. This includes whether or not it’s safe to travel to Peru right now (there are some political issues currently underway), whether it’s safe for a family trip, and even if it’s safe to drive. Whilst it IS incredibly cool, it’s full of dangerous critters and getting lost is dangerous.Peru is a growingly complex country so there will lots more besides these. Even an ceremony can be lethal (more on that later).The educational attainment and locality of women in Peru remained stable: About 25% reported having less than a secondary education, and 70% living in a city.Over the study period, the proportion of time in which women were sexually active increased: In 1985-1989, about 20% of Colombian and Peruvian woman-years were contributed by sexually experienced women, whereas by 1995-1999, the proportions had increased to 42% in Colombia and to 28% in Peru.In both countries, contraceptive protection increased during each year and with each year of a woman's age; it was negatively associated with living in a town or rural setting and with having less than a secondary education.To examine trends in sex, contraceptive use, conception and pregnancy resolution among young women, researchers used DHS calendar data collected in Colombia and Peru—two countries that had done much during the late 1980s and 1990s to address the sexual health needs of young people.

In both countries, women aged 20-24 had reduced conception rates when compared with 15-19-year-olds (0.8 each).

Using Poisson regression, the researchers found that conception rates among all women in Colombia and Peru increased in each calendar year (incidence rate ratios, 1.06 and 1.02, respectively); however, calendar year had no statistically significant effect on the rates for sexually active women.

Among all women, having less than a secondary education and being 20-24 were significantly associated with increased rates of conception (1.6-2.1); living in a town or rural area rather than a city was significantly associated with increased conception rates in Peru (1.3) but not in Colombia.

(Women were considered to be sexually active during every month after their sexual debut.) Conception rates were calculated for all never-married women and for sexually active women.

The researchers used logistic and Poisson regression models to examine the effects of selected covariates on contraceptive protection and conception rates, respectively.

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