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Aside from one two-part episode that turns out to be a simulation, Lois never talks with Stewie aside from the point of view of a mother to her baby.

Peter on the other hand has from time to time interacted with him, though this is usually temporary.

, featuring a New England family from Quahog, Rhode Island: bumbling, politically incorrect, pop culture-obsessed patriarch Peter Griffin; mostly sane former party girl, wife, and mother, Lois (formerly Lois Pewterschmidt, a member of one of Rhode Island's wealthiest families); slow-witted son Chris, social outcast and family punching bag, Meg; diabolical, Ambiguously Gay, inexplicably British baby son Stewie; and martini-slurping, Soapbox Sadie family dog, Brian. As this is an ongoing series, expect some story summaries, titles, and episode orders to be changed.

Episodes are listed by broadcast order, not based on production codes or how they're ordered on the DVD releases.

Noel Gallagher’s ex-wife was due to marry Peter Sidell, 49, who owns menswear shop The Library in London and teaches at the Royal College of Art. The reformed party girl, 44, accepted his proposal at the top of the Empire State Building in New York last Easter and had even chosen a wedding dress but ever since pals say their relationship has been on a downward spiral.

The couple had only been dating for six months before their engagement but had known each other for 24 years.

Why she's with Peter and why she doesn't benefit from her parent's cash flow is definitely a mystery., and it’s no wonder.

It stars an overweight, unintelligent man who is married to a beautiful woman whom everyone wants to get with.

Except that on top of all of that, her own husband is often the catalyst for many of their wilder misadventures. Aside from an ongoing friendship with Brian the family dog, and a developing one with his brother Chris that has been steadily solidifying these past few seasons, as well as various strangers as the plot demands, Stewie is for all intents and purposes a one year old baby to his parents.

Maybe that’s why Lois is with Peter: she loves the constant ego boost.

A regular day at the Griffin’s house isn’t exactly what others would call normal.

Meg Carter is a UK-based freelance journalist who has written widely on all aspects of branding, media, marketing & creativity for a wide range of outlets including The Independent, Financial Times and Guardian newspapers, New Media Age and Wired.

"I'm going to be wearing duck-egg blue," Noel Gallagher's ex told me at a party at the Royal Academy of Art. It is not going to be a traditional wedding." Of her wedding plans, Matthews, a former member of the infamous Primrose Hill Set, tells me: "It's going to be very Dickensian.

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