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Do you like what I did back there with the staircase analogy?Well I did, but because that's really about as far as I can go in that direction, here's another one: Relationships are like any fire (I can hear at least two boy bands warming up their vocal cords as I write this), and physical attraction is that kindling.

Contrary to sex role stereotypes, males and females were similarly affected by these partner characteristics.

The author would like to thank all of the following people for reading an earlier draft of the paper: Elaine Hatfield, Kathleen Mc Kinney, Sandra Metts, Glenn Reeder, and Eric Rice.

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She was able to be attracted to him physically because she was (finally) completely attracted to him emotionally. Here's my advice: Look past the physical for a little bit. It might not work, you can't MAKE yourself find someone attractive, but knowing him deeper might change your mind.

Or rather, it provides a very significant advantage over those without attractive features.

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